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Blind-Paving Bricks: Acting Against the Will of the Blind by Being Their Eyes - 翻译中...

Blind road bricks are like lanterns for the visually impaired. The quality and price of blind road bricks are high, just like roof tiles and floor tiles which have cheaper prices due to their different usage locations. Cheaper polished tiles are used in low-rent offices and affordable housing projects according to engineering standards. Some purchasers of square tiles require first-grade products. However, first-grade products are not inferior in quality; they simply have not been carefully selected.


Reasons for ceramic tactile paving tiles not fading


  • The surface of the tactile paving tile is glossy. The higher the gloss of the tactile paving tile, the better its sintering density. A good tactile paving tile has a shiny glaze that can reflect light like a mirror under illumination. Poor quality tactile paving tiles, on the other hand, have a dull glaze.

  • To determine the quality, tap the surface of the tactile paving tile lightly with your hand and listen to the sound. A high-density tactile paving tile with good quality produces a relatively crisp and clear sound, while a low-density tactile paving tile produces a dull sound.

  •  Measure the weight of the tactile paving tile. A good ceramic brick is relatively heavy and dense, while a poor-quality tactile paving tile is relatively light in weight.


High-quality tactile paving tiles are like the eyes of the visually impaired


The tactile paving tile comes in various colors and specifications. For engineering projects, the designated sizes are generally 150 and 300, in yellow and green, with thicknesses of 20 and 25. Although both the tactile paving tile and the tactile warning brick are made specifically for the visually impaired, the tactile warning brick is also commonly used in subway and train station platforms to warn customers not to proceed further to avoid danger. The national standard is an important criterion for testing the quality of the all-ceramic tactile paving tile. The national standard clearly defines the water absorption rate, frost resistance, flexural strength, Mohs hardness, and other properties of the tactile paving tile.


All-ceramic tactile paving tiles are divided into two types

Circular stop bricks and strip guidance bricks. The circular stop brick is a warning brick that tells the visually impaired that there is an obstacle ahead and to stop walking. The strip guidance tactile paving tile is a guidance brick that guides the visually impaired to walk forward confidently.


The water absorption rate of all-ceramic tactile paving tiles is 0.4%

It has excellent water resistance, ensuring that the brick body will not crack or burst during winter. Additionally, the national standard stipulates that the compressive strength of all-ceramic tactile paving tiles must not be lower than 120MPA, making them able to withstand the pressure generated by small loading and unloading machinery on the platform.


The Mohs hardness of all-ceramic tactile paving tiles is above 6, making them hard and durable

The national standard has clear rules and test results for various physical and chemical parameters of all-ceramic, high-strength, and wear-resistant tactile paving tiles. Before purchasing all-ceramic tactile paving tiles, it is advisable to ask the manufacturer for a quality inspection report to verify whether the product meets the national standard and has reached the required specifications. After all, all-ceramic tactile paving tiles are used in high-speed rail and subway stations. Once deployed, the difficulty and impact of renovation are significant, so it's crucial to choose high-quality all-ceramic tactile paving tiles.

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