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Tactile Stair Nosing Should Be Selected for Anti-Aging, Wear Resistance, And Expansion Quality Products - 翻译中...

Advantages of the tactile stair nosing

The tactile stair nosing has been widely used due to their resistance to ozone, weather, aging, electricity, chemicals, impact, acid and alkali, heat, stability, and water. The advantages of using them as anti-slip strips are as follows:


The high sound-absorbing characteristics of the rubber strip can minimize noise to the greatest possible extent, making it suitable for use in places such as offices, libraries, golf courses, banks, securities, laboratories, computer rooms, office buildings, offices, and hospitals where quietness is required.

Flame retardant

It can withstand the cigarette burn and the corrosion of various commonly encountered properties with a fire resistance grade standard.


The solid rubber makes the appearance the same inside and outside, durable and color-stable.

Environmentally friendly

It is odorless, pollution-free, contains no halogens, and burns without toxic fumes.

High-temperature and steam resistance

The rubber strip has a general use temperature of -50°C ~ 150°C, and can withstand high-temperature steam.

Easy to Store

The high stability and adaptability of the rubber strip make it easy to cut or paste in any clean and dry unpaved surface, easy to install, and easy to clean to maintain its beauty.


The suction cup-shaped bottom lining of the rubber strip and its adherent have super-strength adhesion, making it suitable for frequently used areas with large pedestrian flow.

Below are some tips for identifying professional anti-skid flooring

  • The surface of the material must have a concave and convex texture design, and the friction action of walking or running on it will form a certain resistance to the sole of the foot. The material adopts a fixed installation to avoid the material from moving everywhere due to external forces.

  • The material is elastic, non-hard material, to avoid injury caused by slipping and falling, and to reduce the incidence of personal injury accidents to the greatest extent.

  • The material has a certain waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties to avoid material quality changes due to long-term accumulation of water.

Construction key points of the rubber tactile stair nosing

  • The tactile stair nosing should be installed firmly without warping. The height of the anti-slip strip protruding from the ground should be 2-3mm and the height should be consistent.

  • The installation of the anti-slip strip should be straight, with a consistent distance from the edge of the tread, a straight line deviation ≤ 2mm, a height deviation ≤ 1.5mm, and the height of each step should be consistent.

The excellent impact resilience and ergonomic design of the rubber tactile stair nosing is comfortable and slip-resistant. It is a well-designed product that combines practical performance, beauty and softness. It can blend harmoniously with other decorations, has a bright and beautiful color, an elegant pattern, and is environmentally safe. It has become a trendy choice for people's daily life.

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