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Different lifting columns have different maintenance and care. - 翻译中...

1、movable security bollard

Movable security bollards are usually applied to the entrances and exits of convenience stores or supermarkets, providing a more flexible option for channel control or reinforcement during most time periods, and can also be removed in any necessary situation to restore road traffic. Its application increases control flexibility while simplifying installation workload. The diversity of professional mechanical locks and T-shaped flip-up handles has been patented, providing users with an aesthetically pleasing product appearance and more convenient operation. Pull-type bollards provide a more economical and convenient channel control solution for private garages and residences, helping to avoid theft losses of vehicles and other properties, without causing any impact on the environment and without occupying any storage space. Pull-type bollards are an economical choice among lifting bollard solutions, and their buried structure solves the problem of pillar recovery and storage in open channel situations.

2. Semi-automatic traffic safety bollard

Semi-automatic bollards are usually applicable to channel control systems with high security but low frequency of use. Due to economic factors, they are often used in conjunction with bollards of the same appearance, providing higher security protection and avoiding complex strong and weak electrical construction. When the size of traffic safety bollards increases with the increase of security requirements, the unique pneumatic power-assisted device contained in the semi-automatic bollard can bear larger loads.

3. Fully automatic traffic safety bollard

Fully automatic bollards are divided into electromechanical fully automatic bollards, pneumatic fully automatic bollards, and hydraulic fully automatic bollards. Since the end of the 20th century, fully automatic bollards have gradually developed into common automatic vehicle channel control products. Compared with traditional barrier gate equipment, fully automatic bollards provide practical barrier functions in addition to warning functions, eliminating the occurrence of card-crashing and barrier-hitting incidents. In terms of application places, the distance limitation of the two ends of the passage that becomes wider day by day has been eliminated. Compared with traditional sliding and swing door equipment, it has a higher opening and closing speed. Compared with traditional anti-terrorism flap barrier machines, under the premise of meeting the safety guarantee of anti-terrorism collision testing, it can meet the increasingly higher requirements for overall aesthetics and coordination of municipal and security places.

4. Electromechanical fully automatic traffic safety bollard

Electromechanical fully automatic bollards are usually used in public parking lot management and private courtyard vehicle access control projects. Electromechanical fully automatic bollards use low-voltage DC motors with electronic brakes as the power unit, which is safe and reliable. Considering the application characteristics of electromechanical bollards, all moving mechanisms and power components are protected below the ground. Once subjected to malicious vehicle collisions, the moving mechanisms and power components will be preserved, and the outer cylinder of the bollard is easy to replace, greatly reducing maintenance costs. In addition, the unique structure of traffic safety bollards ensures the stable operation of the motor in harsh outdoor environments and avoids the hidden dangers of water faults in similar products.

5. Pneumatic fully automatic traffic safety bollard

Pneumatic fully automatic bollards are the most widely used series of fully automatic bollards. The system uses air as the power system, which conforms to the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, pneumatic fully automatic traffic safety bollards have the characteristics of unified control, centralized power and control unit, fast response speed, and support for motion direction changes, making maintenance easier. The number of bollards in this lifting column system is larger, which can maximize cost savings for users; the lifting speed is fast, which can fully meet the control requirements of high-frequency entrances and exits and high-security emergency passages, and is suitable for applications with more open projects.

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