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Maintenance Tips for the Aluminum Anti-Slip Stair Nosing - 翻译中...

Compared to wooden or plastic anti-slip strips, aluminum alloy anti-slip strips are more colorful, wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, odorless, and non-toxic. Therefore, it is widely favored by homeowners during decoration. So, what are the installation and maintenance precautions for aluminum anti-slip stair nosing? This article will answer this question in detail!

Precautions for the aluminum anti-slip stair nosing installation

The size of the anti-slip aluminum strip must be accurately calculated before cutting. When cutting, the cut must be at a 90° angle with the line, especially for products that need to be installed with matching corners, so as to avoid affecting the appearance due to poor joint with the corner. After the staircase plane and vertical face are at a 90° angle, clean the stair steps first. Apply the universal adhesive to the back of the non-slip strip at the front edge and corner of the stairs, wait for it to dry slightly, and then bond it together. Use a rubber hammer to hit the bonding position and wait for it to dry. For products installed with cement mortar, the space between the product and the main material must be filled with cement mortar to ensure long-term use without loosening.

Maintenance knowledge of the aluminum anti-slip stair nosing

It is important to note that the cleaning tool must be checked before each cleaning to avoid secondary oil pollution when cleaning the floor. After the floor has been treated for anti-slip, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Use alkaline cleaning liquid or ceramic-specific alkaline cleaner diluted with water or warm water at a concentration of 1:7-10 (the preparation ratio can be reduced for heavy oil stains) and evenly sprinkle it on the floor or use a mop to apply it, then use a long-handled brush or cleaning machine for scrubbing.

A clean floor will double the effect of the aluminum alloy anti-slip strip. The aluminum alloy anti-slip strip has a luxurious and beautiful appearance, durable, and easy to install thanks to its special formula surface PVC rubber strip. It not only protects the surface of the stairs from damage but also prevents slips and falls when going up and down the stairs, protecting people from injury.

These are all the contents of the aluminum anti-slip stair nosing that we have prepared for you. Xiong Chang has experienced experts, advanced processing technology and quality control system. We always adhere to high standards and standardized management, continuous innovation, and pursuit of excellence to produce high-quality and high-tech products. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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