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What to Do When Automatic Bollard Experience Short Circuit? - 翻译中...

Friends who have purchased automatic bollards must have encountered the problem of short-circuiting. The installed bollards cannot rise up in a row, or they cannot all be lowered. There are also those that get stuck halfway. What should we do when we encounter such problems? Also, how do we determine the cause based on the situation of the automatic bollards in our daily lives?

Check the automatic bollard electrical control box and connection lines

Firstly, we need to check whether the electrical control box lines are old or the connected lines are damaged. We need to use a multimeter to measure the resistance and follow the steps in the automatic bollard user manual to troubleshoot step by step. If the resistance value on one side is smaller, it means there is a short circuit. When checking the aging of the circuit, be sure to turn off the main switch to avoid the risk of electric shock. If there are cracks or exposed copper wires on the aging line, be sure to wrap them with insulated tape and then ask a specialized electrician to replace the lines.

Check the automatic bollard power indicator light

If the line is not the issue, then we need to check whether the power indicator light connected to the bollards is on or not, because it is very likely that the voltage is too high or low, causing the fuse in the electric molten core to be burned and unable to supply power. If this is the case, turn off the main switch first before connecting to ensure safety is of paramount importance.

If none of the above solutions work, and the automatic bollards usually work fine but sometimes malfunction, it could be due to the bollards being either unloaded or overloaded. We can switch the wiring of each bollard connected by relays, and then repeatedly lift and lower them using the remote control for testing. If the problem still persists, it means that either the bollards are unloaded or overloaded, resulting in the temperature of the melting point being too high, causing a short circuit.

Overall, the reason why automatic bollards have been chosen is because their lifting and lowering speed and safety have been recognised by customers. Since these safety guards work tirelessly to protect us, shouldn't we also take care of them in our daily lives? When they short circuit, it is best to seek professional repair from an electrician and contact the manufacturer for maintenance of the bollards.

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